Easter products

Dye set

Dye set is intended for easter eggs. There are such assortment in colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

How to use: the content of package pour over with 250 ml of hot water t 70-90 C. Add a soupspoon of vinegar 9%. Stir it carefully. Put clean and cooked eggs (desirable hot) in the prearranged hot solution on 1-2 minutes. Take out eggs and put on the fabric or papper for drying. After painting wipe eggs with oil or fat for brighten. Because of the using hot water the process of painting of egg's by children must be under adults control. The content of 1 package is enough for painting of 20 eggs. Heat up the solution for the second use. We recommend to use eggs for painting with white or light shell.

Ingredients: salt, maltodextrin, synthetic food dyes (E102, E110, E122, E124, E133, E142).

Fitness for use: 24 months from the production date.