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About Company

Company «Yamuna» is a producer of grocery group products in the categories of spice, seasonings and confectionery additions. Company experience at the market - 16 years.. We are owner of three trade marks: “Yamuna”, “IRIS”, “Perchik”. The assortment row contains 160 names of 9 categories.

We produce successfully: spices and spiceries, seasonings and spicily-aromatic mixtures, seasonings without salt and spicery herbs, confectionery and food mixtures and additives, grocery group products.

 Thanks to the direct supply of ingredients we always offer you products with the reasonable prices and high quality. There are also the unique and exlusive products among our assortment and only we have such exclusive products in Ukraine.

 For this period of our working we have organized the continual supplying the raw materials imported through the persistent channels from the different countries in the world directly from the producers. It allows us to offer the lowest prices for the products with high quality control. We import raw material from: India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Egypt, Georgia et etc.

 Industrial capacity consists with:

  • Complex of milling and mixing the spices, production of the products, the quality of which meets the international standards of ISSP.
  • High-speed italian packing equipment of firm OMAG.
  • 8 separate packing lines produce to 24 types of products during 24 hours.
  • 500m2 of storage facilities for the prepared products and 1000m2 for the raw material.
  • All products are certificated and have hygienical conclusion and certificate of conformance.
  • In production since 2014 has developed and implemented food safety management system HASP (HACCP) for compliance with DSTU ISO 22000: 2007 certificate for food safety management system number UA2.055.SUBHP-005-14 of 01.08.2014

Products are sold in many network structures, in retail and wholesale markets. On the whole our products are sold in all regions in Ukraine, in all market niches.

 In 2004 we began to export our products in such countries, as: Georgia, Transdniestrian region, Moldova, Belorussia, USA. Sales volumes to these countries constantly increase . For some countries we produce products exceptionally in their national language. Permanent control of human necessities allow us to offer the claimed products in time and in a necessary amount.

 Another our direction is production of products in the format of Privatlabel for network structures and producers of grocery group as «binding of several products» for holding of the actions and marketing programs.