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Black Salt (box)

This product is honored and known for a long time. Black salt is the variety of rock salt. It is obtained in Himalayas foot-hills and on the Indian decanal tableland. It is used as not only the perfect substitute of ordinary culinary salt but also it has such certain advantages as: piquant smell, unusual taste, it is rich in an iodine, potassium, sulphur, iron and other microelements. You can add black salt to any dishes - soups, garnishes, sauces, vinaigrettes, oliv'e (in particular case), vegetable pates. Light egg taste of this product can be considered as disadvantage but iwith a combination of black salt other spices this peculiarity disappears and becomes intangibly pleasant. It is not without reason black salt was one of the three most widespread spices in Ancient Rome. Beside of the taste advantages of black salt, it beneficial influences on all organism at the regular use: regulates digestion, strengthens a laxation, becomes its active stimulator, promotes an appetite. Black salt is less salted than ordinary salt that is why it is more useful. In ordinary doses it doesn't cause water accumulation in an organism and it fully provides with microelements the man requirements. This unique and still new culinary product makes kitchen variety. Black salt creates unusual and more light and noble taste. We offer you to taste this new culinary product. Bon appetit!