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Himalayan Pink salt

Himalayan pink salt (Galit) - this natural crude crystal salt appeared 250 million years ago. Today this salt obtained in the clean Himalayan districts that allows it to remain absolutely clean from foreign substances. Himalayan pink salt differs from ordinary culinary or sea salt with its pink colour which exists due to its minerals which are not removed during processing.It commposed of over 84 unique minerals and elements such as: copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and others. Due to iron the salt has a pink colour. Himalayan pink salt differentiates itself from other kinds of salts with its elegant taste which is suitable for food cooking. It is added to the first and second dishes, salads and garnishes. Adding Himalayan salts during the process of cooking you will substantially improve the taste and aroma of your dishes. In spite of its age, Himalayan salt corresponds to all modern standards of quality.